The Day to Day of Living with Cancer

It dawned on me as I sat down to write this post, that the title above is somewhat inaccurate, or at least it has been for the last five weeks. It really should be The Day to Day of Living with the effects of Chemotherapy. My breast cancer is in itself not something I am truly physically aware of on a moment by moment basis. There is little or no pain and the lump is hidden under my skin soRead more

The Day My World Changed

This is a post I never dreamed I would be writing. It is something I never expected to have to face. And yet the unthinkable has come to pass and I am indeed having to contemplate a vastly different near future to that which I had expected. I can think of no easy way to share what has transpired so I think the simplest way to do so is just to jump in. So here goes. A few short weeksRead more

Where are we with The Vintage Shetland Project?

Those of you who either crowd funded The Vintage Shetland Project or have pre-ordered the book since, should have received a newsletter over the last few days explaining exactly where I am with the book’s production and most importantly of all, when the book is to be published. Unfortunately I have had some issues with not all emails being received so I’m going to share the relevant details from the newsletter below to ensure everyone has access to what theyRead more

A New Beginning

Today sees the start of a new chapter. For a whole ten years I have been blogging as Just Call Me Ruby via my blogspot page but I have decided that is now finally time for a change. My Just Call Me Ruby page will remain where it it for the foreseeable future but from now onwards I will be blogging as myself, from my new website, created for me by my amazingly multi-talented daughter, Charlie. We’re still in theRead more

Me, My Life and David Bowie

This wasn’t a post I ever imagined I would need to write. Bowie was immortal, some sort of other-wordly, supernatural creature that transcended normal earthly rules and would exist forever. The news of his death today has proven this foolish belief to, of course, be wrong. And so he is gone. Incredibly the end of his life would appear to have been beautifully, extraordinarily choreographed into a piece of art itself with the release of Black Star and the videoRead more

A Thank You Note

  I want to thank everyone for all their words of support, advice and encouragement. I am still working my way through the comments and replying to them all but I just wanted to say thank you so much, your words have really, really helped. Sometimes just admitting you’re in the midst of a crisis is enough to start turning things around and I think this has been the case in this instance.    I am still extremely tired; I’veRead more

New Year Introspection

Like so many other people I would imagine, I find myself at this time of year becoming increasingly introspective, internally interrogating myself on the previous year’s achievements or perceived lack of. The year – and in particular, the elements – has been difficult and draining, throwing many spanners in the works, preventing or delaying plans. It began this time last year, with gales ripping apart my studio, sometime later a fire destroyed a barn containing the year’s fleece, then weRead more

Seasons Greetings

The latter part of 2015 has not been the calmest for myself or many others on the North West coast of Britain and with more storms to come I suspect this is not going to be the year for long walks across the fields to work off my Christmas excesses. However I am so very lucky. I am warm, dry, well fed and safe. My thoughts are with everyone for whom life has been less kind and I wish youRead more

Bring Me Some Sunshine Soup!

I thought I would share with you an old favourite recipe of mine which I originally shared on the blog, back in 2012, but if you haven’t yet planned your Christmas menu this is a great starter to consider. Rather fittingly it looks like sunshine in a bowl! It is creamy, well flavoured but not too heavy so great for when there are multiple courses. Served with garlic bread or my favourite, soda bread, it also works as a greatRead more

My Friend Woolly Wormhead

This post was actually due to be published on Monday (two days ago). Unfortunately on Saturday evening disaster struck the North West coast of Britain with unprecedented rain fall causing flooding throughout Cumbria and North Lancashire. I was very fortunate. Areas of my village have been flooded and further afield friends have been cut off from the outside world or forced to abandon their homes as the flood waters have reached them. At the farm we found ourselves without powerRead more

What a difference a year makes

A whole year has passed since we made our move to our hill farm in the North Lancashire countryside and what a year it has been. We have experienced tremendous highs – shearing our own sheep, growing our own food, seeing chicks hatch from eggs, incredibly busy periods for the business – and also unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, some lows – foxes taking our lovely young ducks, my studio blowing down in gale force winds, stock (as in wool) beingRead more

Knitting in the Dordogne

A few months ago I received a very exciting email from the wonderful Jean Moss asking me if I would consider teaching on one of her knitting holidays in 2015. In the Dordogne, France no less. I hesitated for approximately a mili-second and then, of course, said yes. The holiday is based in the incredible 17th century Chateau Forge du Roy and takes place from the 19th to the 29th September 2015. Isn’t it beautiful? Residents of the holiday haveRead more