Doubts, Control and Acceptance

Its been a long time since I last managed to compose a post for my blog and in essence that’s actually what this post is all about. It isn’t going to be a post about lots of nasty side effects of chemotherapy but because of its impact on The Vintage Shetland Project it does have to be about one that I have experienced, and that is chemo-brain (or chemo fog). Exactly why people experience chemo brain and why it affectsRead more

The Half Way Milestone

It seems a long time since I last posted. Getting through each chemotherapy session has been all an encompassing, exhausting and thoroughly unpleasant experience and to write honestly and openly I need to say so, but I am reluctant to paint a distressing picture for anyone who might be just beginning this journey or may know someone who is travelling this road. But I must be truthful about my experiences if these posts are to mean anything. I have nowRead more

The Day to Day of Living with Cancer

It dawned on me as I sat down to write this post, that the title above is somewhat inaccurate, or at least it has been for the last five weeks. It really should be The Day to Day of Living with the effects of Chemotherapy. My breast cancer is in itself not something I am truly physically aware of on a moment by moment basis. There is little or no pain and the lump is hidden under my skin soRead more

The Vintage Shetland Project Film

To mark her 24th birthday, my daughter Charlie, joins us on the blog, to tell us more about her creative process behind the making of her film all about The Vintage Shetland Project which is finally available for all to see as from today. And so, over to Charlie. I never wanted to make a straight up and down, behind the scenes, documentary about the Vintage Shetland photo shoot. Yes, I wanted to capture the process, but I also wantedRead more

The Day My World Changed

This is a post I never dreamed I would be writing. It is something I never expected to have to face. And yet the unthinkable has come to pass and I am indeed having to contemplate a vastly different near future to that which I had expected. I can think of no easy way to share what has transpired so I think the simplest way to do so is just to jump in. So here goes. A few short weeksRead more

A Peek Inside The Vintage Shetland Project no 3 – The Printed Page

My, how the last couple of weeks have flown since I updated the blog with progress on the book. Myself, Gavin, two Technical Editors and a second Graphic Artist, are all hard at work perfecting each and every page of the book, so it will look beautiful, be as error free as possible, and be a joy to use, to read and to knit from. I have worked very, very hard to try and ensure that the complexities in theseRead more

Every Rose Has Its Thorn – a peep inside The Vintage Shetland Project No 2

Its possible from the title of this story that some of you may guess which garment from The Vintage Shetland Project I’m going to talk about today. Some of you may very well have helped me find some of the many knitting patterns around in the early 1950s that used the same motif. It is of course the piece that up to now has been simply known as The Rose Cardigan. This gloriously colourful, optimistic, elegant and beautifully knitted itemRead more

A Peek Inside The Vintage Shetland Project – A Treasure Hunt

As I enter the final stages of putting The Vintage Shetland Project together, I’m very excited to now begin to share a little more about what you are going to find in the book.  So today, without hopefully revealing too much and spoiling the anticipation, I would like to tell you about a treasure hunt I embarked on some months ago. Several of the designs included in the book incorporate Shetland Lace patterns in their construction. Three are all-over laceRead more

Where are we with The Vintage Shetland Project?

Those of you who either crowd funded The Vintage Shetland Project or have pre-ordered the book since, should have received a newsletter over the last few days explaining exactly where I am with the book’s production and most importantly of all, when the book is to be published. Unfortunately I have had some issues with not all emails being received so I’m going to share the relevant details from the newsletter below to ensure everyone has access to what theyRead more

A New Beginning

Today sees the start of a new chapter. For a whole ten years I have been blogging as Just Call Me Ruby via my blogspot page but I have decided that is now finally time for a change. My Just Call Me Ruby page will remain where it it for the foreseeable future but from now onwards I will be blogging as myself, from my new website, created for me by my amazingly multi-talented daughter, Charlie. We’re still in theRead more

Perfectly Flawed

I have to admit I have been impatiently waiting for the moment when I could share this teaser of the film my very talented daughter, Charlie Moon, is making for me about The Vintage Shetland Project. The title relates to a section in the book which explains in more detail why I chose the pieces that are featured in the book. These two words alone say so much and for me, sum up the choices I made. ‘Perfectly Flawed’ offersRead more

Me, My Life and David Bowie

This wasn’t a post I ever imagined I would need to write. Bowie was immortal, some sort of other-wordly, supernatural creature that transcended normal earthly rules and would exist forever. The news of his death today has proven this foolish belief to, of course, be wrong. And so he is gone. Incredibly the end of his life would appear to have been beautifully, extraordinarily choreographed into a piece of art itself with the release of Black Star and the videoRead more