A Thank You Note

  I want to thank everyone for all their words of support, advice and encouragement. I am still working my way through the comments and replying to them all but I just wanted to say thank you so much, your words have really, really helped. Sometimes just admitting you’re in the midst of a crisis is enough to start turning things around and I think this has been the case in this instance.    I am still extremely tired; I’veRead more

New Year Introspection

Like so many other people I would imagine, I find myself at this time of year becoming increasingly introspective, internally interrogating myself on the previous year’s achievements or perceived lack of. The year – and in particular, the elements – has been difficult and draining, throwing many spanners in the works, preventing or delaying plans. It began this time last year, with gales ripping apart my studio, sometime later a fire destroyed a barn containing the year’s fleece, then weRead more

Seasons Greetings

The latter part of 2015 has not been the calmest for myself or many others on the North West coast of Britain and with more storms to come I suspect this is not going to be the year for long walks across the fields to work off my Christmas excesses. However I am so very lucky. I am warm, dry, well fed and safe. My thoughts are with everyone for whom life has been less kind and I wish youRead more

Bring Me Sunshine – A Free Festive Corsage Pattern

  The Festive season is drawing ever nearer, so to continue my theme of bringing you some sunshine, I’ve decided to share with you an incredibly simple pattern for a knitted corsage.  You can really let your creativity run wild with this pattern, as it provides the starting blocks to all manner of beautiful corsages, brooches and hair decorations.  It only takes around an hour to make so is perfect for making last minute gifts. An added bonus is itRead more

Bring Me Some Sunshine Soup!

I thought I would share with you an old favourite recipe of mine which I originally shared on the blog, back in 2012, but if you haven’t yet planned your Christmas menu this is a great starter to consider. Rather fittingly it looks like sunshine in a bowl! It is creamy, well flavoured but not too heavy so great for when there are multiple courses. Served with garlic bread or my favourite, soda bread, it also works as a greatRead more

My Friend Woolly Wormhead

This post was actually due to be published on Monday (two days ago). Unfortunately on Saturday evening disaster struck the North West coast of Britain with unprecedented rain fall causing flooding throughout Cumbria and North Lancashire. I was very fortunate. Areas of my village have been flooded and further afield friends have been cut off from the outside world or forced to abandon their homes as the flood waters have reached them. At the farm we found ourselves without powerRead more

Bring Me Sunshine – Easy Carrot Soup

One of my favourite and certainly one of the easiest soups that I make is Carrot soup. Sounds boring? Not at all. It is packed full of flavour but is very easy to make and only really uses store cupboard ingredients. You can increase the quantities and freeze it in batches. I often serve it with some grated parmesan on top and some freshly baked soda bread. Easy Carrot Soup (for 2-4 people) 4 large carrots 1 large red onionRead more

Bring Me Sunshine – The Bowtie Tie Free Pattern

So to get this party started here is the Bowtie Tie knitting pattern. The tie is knitted in a standard 4ply yarn and can be customised to suit whatever colour or style you might fancy knitting. The pattern includes charts for two logos which can be knitted as part of the tie – the Chevrolet logo – known as the Bowtie and the International Harvester logo – known as Man on Tractor. You can knit the tie with or withoutRead more

Bring Me Sunshine

With Advent upon us and with so much sadness and conflict all around, I felt I needed to do something positive to bring just a little light and happiness – to the pages of my blog at least. So for the whole of the Christmas period, I will be sharing some quick posts which will include free patterns, recipes, tips and hints, favourite songs – whatever makes me happy on a given day – in the hope that it willRead more

My Shetland Adventure Continues

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy.  I’ve recently returned from a trip to Shetland and the beautiful island of Vaila, where I was working on further research and photoshoots for the Vintage Shetland Project book. We had originally intended to stay a week, but this turned into just short of two, as gale force winds and high seas whipped up around Vaila preventing our departure. Our wonderful hosts, plentiful food and a huge amount of work to doRead more

A Glimpse Inside The Vintage Shetland Project

As many of you know, I’m currently working hard on bringing together my research, patterns, photography and history for The Vintage Shetland Project.  This very special book is based on garments held in the collection at the Shetland Archives.  I’ve selected a number of items from the collection and have meticulously charted and recorded stitch counts and patterns, to enable me to recreate them and from this information create multi-sized knitting patterns.  My choice of pieces has not only beenRead more

Diamonds Are Forever and It Cannot Fail to Please Released as Single Patterns

I’m really pleased to announce that, due to demand, I have released Diamonds Are Forever and It Cannot Fail to Please as single PDF patterns. Diamonds are Forever is knitted in the round from the bottom up and features a stunning yoke knitted in an extra-special Excelana 4ply wool limited shade of Deepest Charcoal, to work alongside Persian Grey. The yoke also features Saharan Sand and Sweet Chestnut reflecting the amazing range of natural colours found in the fleeces of ourRead more