A Stitch In Time Vol1 – Printed Book
Vintage Knitting & Crochet Patterns 1920-1949 : Volume 1 by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller 360 pg, FSC paper, Hardback, 1.5kg NEW HARDBACK EDITION - PUBLICATION DATE 30TH NOVEMBER 2014 Five years ago we took the decision to self publish A Stitch in Time, Volume 1.  This knitting treasury and vintage pattern archive is not a book that a traditional publisher would take on. Self publishing always takes a lot of hard work, dedication, endurance and funds. With a book of the scale of A Stitch in Time it takes even more of all of these things. This is a book that hasn’t been constrained by a publisher's need for high profits, but is a collection that has been created with passion and sincerity, to be treasured and loved. What makes A Stitch in Time so special? 60 original patterns from 1920-1949 reproduced and digitally enhanced Rewritten and updated versions of every pattern Sympathetically multi-sized to retain the true vintage look Beautifully photographed with authentic vintage styling Up-dated yarn requirements for each pattern Includes sizes from 30 to 60 inches Chronologically arranged A wealth of information about the changing styles About the Book: This modern day classic brings you 60 fabulous, vintage knitting patterns for women: From the 1920s tubular look to the feminine charms of the 1930s. The military style of the war years through to the glamour of the late 1940s.  This iconic treasury is filled with stunning full-colour photography, faithfully styled, of updated versions of these gorgeous knits. Each design is unique and perfectly captures the charm of its era. From evening wear to swimsuits, the original patterns have been re-written, updated and carefully resized for modern shapes, using contemporary yarns. The patterns are chronologically arranged, each chapter with an insightful essay on the history of knitting’s Golden Age. This is Vintage Knitting for the Twenty First Century How does the new publication differ from previous editions? Hard back cover Extended size ranges on some of the most popular patterns Up-dated yarn requirements including newly available yarns Pattern errata corrected throughout Improved garment schematics Additional charted instructions Extensive re-editing Improved layout Bonus Pattern You can now see many of the designs from the book here This book is inspirational not just to the knitter but also to the designer, collector, fashion student, dress historian, stylist and anyone in love with yesteryear.
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A Stitch In Time Volume 2 – Printed Book
Vintage Knitting Patterns 1930-1959 : Vol: 2 by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller Published by Susan Crawford Vintage ISBN: 978 0957228696 400 page, FSC paper, hardback, 1.5kg This breathtaking book takes you on a journey through knitting pattern history from 1930 to 1959. This 400 page treasury contains 80 stunning, classic patterns for women, carefully chosen to offer the knitter the best of design from each period, alongside a thoughtfully balanced selection of projects; from beginner to advanced; cardigans to sweaters; dresses to hats; stocking stitch to cable and from fair isle to lace. With the patterns chronologically arranged the book also acts as a historical insight into this golden age of knitwear design. Both the original and a re-written, updated and multi-sized adaption of each pattern is included, with beautiful full colour images, authentically styled and photographed. Additional information explaining vintage fit and finishing complete this inspiring publication. This truly amazing book is for all knitters, young and old, of all abilities. It affords the opportunity not just to knit, but to knit a piece of the past and create an heirloom of the future.
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Coronation Knits – Printed Book
ON SALE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY   by Susan Crawford Published by Susan Crawford Vintage This stunning new book of authentically styled knit wear offers 14 classic designs for men, women and children, drawing on inspiration from the late 1940s and early 1950s. Focussing on fashion influences during the time of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, Coronation Knits brings an enticing selection of both new material and updated period designs that invites knitters to create something truly beautiful. Exquisitely presented, the book includes jumpers, cardigans, tank tops, shawls and hats with patterns for women, men and children. These designs will appeal to knitters of all ages and abilities with a range of techniques and construction methods that include Lace, Cables, Fair Isle and Intarsia. Coronation Knits offers a wide range of sizes and clear written instructions plus full colour charts, schematics and technical information. The photographs by Susan are carefully and elegantly styled, adding additional glamour and chic to every page. Susan also looks back at this pivotal period of British history, setting the scene for this stunning collection of hand knits .
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Knocker Jotter
BEING SOLD TO RAISE FUNDS FOR CANCERCARE  NORTH LANCASHIRE AND SOUTH LAKES 100 page lined journal with soft back cover, interspersed with 16 full page colour portraits of women recovering from cancer, accompanied by an inspirational quote. CancerCare North Lancs and South Lakeland, is an independent, local charity based in the North of England which provides professional complementary treatments and advice by qualified and experienced staff to cancer patients, their families and their carers. Everyone featured in the jotter has been, or is, going through the harrowing journey of cancer, the diagnosis, the treatment, the side effects and living with them all. Cancer, and particularly, breast cancer, attempts to strip us of our physicality, our visual identity, taking our hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, and on may occasions, our breasts, leaving behind physical and mental scars. The 'Scarletts' featured in the Knocker Jotter as it is playfully called, wanted to share their personal experiences and let others know who are being faced with a cancer diagnosis, that whatever they may be going through, others have also been there and no one needs to feel alone. Through the portraits the Scarletts hope to take back ownership of their bodies, by sharing their scars and their new selves and by being proud of who they are, the journeys they have been on and the new women they have become. You can support this amazing charity who have supported not just these 16 women but hundreds more, women, men and children, by purchasing a copy of the Knocker Jotter.
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Vintage Gifts To Knit – Printed Book
ON SALE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD by Susan Crawford Paperback This extremely popular book includes 16 glamorous yet practical knits, inspired and adapted from knitting patterns of the 1900s to the 1950s, all perfect to make as gifts or for yourself. The patterns range from simple beginners projects to stunning fair isle garments and lace stockings. The 16 projects include patterns for women, men, children and the home. These designs will appeal to knitters of all ages and abilities with a range of techniques and construction methods as well as a wide range of sizes and clear written instructions plus full colour charts, schematics and technical information.
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Vintage Shetland Project – Printed Book



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by Susan Crawford.

Published by Susan Crawford Vintage

472 page hard back book

Fashion & social history intertwine in the Vintage Shetland Project as Susan Crawford recreates & explores cherished pieces from Shetland's rich knitting heritage.

The Vintage Shetland Project, is the culmination of eight years of hard work and personal determination. Inspired by the patterns and colours of Shetland knitting, the fashion historian, author, designer and publisher Susan Crawford began a journey into the rich heritage of Shetland knitwear, and in particular the pieces held in the Shetland Museum archive. With the help of Dr Carol Christiansen, the museum’s curator, Susan undertook the task of carefully selecting the most stunning and original designs from the 1920s to the 1950s, transcribed them stitch by stitch, and has here recreated them for the modern knitter, in stunning detail and a range of sizes for women and men. In combination with the collection of 27 comprehensive patterns for garments and accessories are carefully researched essays exploring the stories behind each piece and honouring their creators – some famous, some forgotten. Photographed by Susan on the island of Vaila, situated off the west coast of Shetland, this book also celebrates the untameable beauty of Shetland itself. Compiled with Susan’s trademark attention to detail, this book is a fabulous treasury of Shetland knitting design and a valuable insight into its textile traditions. It offers you the chance to delve into a fascinating era for knitwear design and to bring it to life in stitch-perfect vintage style.
The meticulously written patterns showcase Susan’s new yarn range, Fenella, created specifically to enable you, the knitter, to perfectly recreate these unique museum pieces. Made using 100% British wool, grown, spun and dyed in Britain, in a range of 26 colours carefully chosen to emulate the shades found in the original vintage pieces. The Vintage Shetland Project is a celebration of stunning design, beautiful knitting and the people of Shetland themselves, during a time of local change, international conflict and revolution in the knitting industry.    
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