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Constant Companion

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  • About Constant Companion:

    A simple knit, the Constant Companion cardigan knits up quickly and is both an enjoyable knit for seasoned knitters and also a great introduction to Fair Isle knitting for beginners. Susan was inspired to recreate a favourite cardigan that she has worn for many years. Constant Companion is the result. The simple elegant shape and beautiful yoke make this a cardigan you will reach for again and again.

    The cardigan is knitted in one piece from the bottom up, and is written to be worked back and forth until it is joined together into the round to knit the Fair Isle yoke. At this point a small steek section is worked and serves as a great starting point for anyone scared of steeking. For more experienced knitters it is simple to work the steek from commencement of the body to avoid purl rows if preferred.

    Sleeves are knitted separately and then joined to the body at the armhole divide and from there the garment is knitted in one piece. A moss stitch button band is picked up and worked after the body is completed.

    Full colour charts are provided for the Fair Isle motif.

    A wide range of sizes are provided in the pattern to fit from a 28 inch chest to a 62 inch chest.

    The cardigan is knitted in Excelana DK 100% British wool from Susan Crawford.

    Susan is wearing the 4th size knitted in Pomegranate with additional contrast colours on the yoke of Olea, Tansy and Snowdrop.

    Charlie is wearing the 2nd size knitted in Olea with additional contrast colours on the yoke of Heliotrope, Tansy and Snowdrop.

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