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  • About Bowland:

    This exquisite Fair Isle cardigan is suitable both for experienced Fair Isle knitters but also for any knitter wanting to tackle a Fair Isle garment for the first time.

    The cardigan is knitted in the round from the bottom up and features the use of steeks, a traditional method of knitting an additional panel into the work that is cut open when required. Full instructions and photographs are provided within the pattern for how to steek and also how to knit Fair Isle. Once the body of the cardigan is knitted the sleeve stitches are picked up around the armhole and the sleeves are then knitted downwards. The cardigan is very simply shaped to enable the knitter to focus on their Fair Isle technique. The same motif patterns are used throughout the design, again making it easier to build up familiarity and confidence during the knitting process. Any shaping or casting off is done on plain knit rows so there is no pattern to worry about at the same time.

    Bowland is knitted in Excelana 4ply, 100% British wool, which is the perfect yarn for Fair Isle knitting. The colours used in the knitted sample are Sweet Chestnut, Alabaster, Nile Green, Damson Wine, Land Army Green and Dark Mandarin.

    The pattern includes both written and charted instructions and comes with technique tutorials on steeking and two handed fair isle.

    Bowland comes in a range of sizes to fit from 30-52 inch chest.

    Susan is wearing the third size with zero ease.

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