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Lock - Knole

About Lock Sock Yarn

From our own flock of rare breed Lonk sheep

75% pure Lonk shearling* wool / 25% nylon
(*this means it is the first time the sheep has been sheared)

378m / 414yds per 100g skein


After several years of planning, this wonderful yarn has been spun for us by a near-by mill in West Yorkshire - the sheep, the fleece and the fibre travelling less than 200 miles from farm gate and back! Yet another reason why we could not be more proud of this very special yarn!

Until the 1930s and the outbreak of WWII, Lonk wool was used primarily for hosiery - socks, stockings and under-garments, and for this first very special batch from our own flock we wanted to continue this tradition, and have had a beautiful, hard wearing yet soft, Sock yarn spun for us. The perfect blend of shearling Lonk fibre and eco-nylon has been worsted spun to produce a smooth, slightly crisp yet soft yarn, that is perfect not just for sock knitting but for many other projects too!

We have created an incredible varied and unique palette of solid and semi-solid hand-dyed shades on this incredibly special yarn inspired by the Bloomsbury era. The LOCK yarn takes colour in a unique way, slightly subdued - almost like painting with pastels or water colours - but also responds fabulously when dyed with bright tones.

LOCK is available in full size 100g skeins as well as
25g mini-skeins.

About Knole: Knole is a dark blue, almost navy but with a slightly black undertone. Used in the Tift socks from A Stitch in Time volume 3.

Care Instructions
Handwash in cool water using a gentle wool wash and dry flat.
Please note
As these yarns are hand-dyed please be aware that there will be subtle variation between dye lots. Because of this please be sure to purchase enough yarn for your project. All of our hand dyed skeins are rinsed thoroughly and repeatedly to ensure all excess dye is removed, however, particularly when using a combination of hand dyed shades, it is best to wash the individual skeins separately in cool water prior to knitting, to remove any dye residue which may remain.

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