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The Vintage Shetland Project Pattern Book - EBook Only

by Susan Crawford

Fashion & social history intertwine in
The Vintage Shetland Project
as Susan Crawford recreates and explores cherished pieces from Shetland's rich knitting heritage.

The Vintage Shetland Project, is the culmination of eight years of hard work and personal determination. Inspired by the patterns andcolours of Shetland knitting, the fashion historian, author, designer and publisher Susan Crawford began a journey into the rich heritage of Shetland knitwear, and in particular the pieces held in the Shetland Museum archive.

With the encouragement of Dr Carol Christiansen, the museum's curator, Susan undertook the task of carefully selecting the most stunning and original designs from the 1920s to the 1950s, transcribed them stitch by stitch, and has here recreated them for the modern knitter, in stunning detail - a collection of 27 patterns for garments and accessories for women and men in a wide range of sizes.

The meticulously written patterns showcase Susan's yarn ranges, including Fenella, created specifically to perfectly recreate these unique museum pieces. Made using 100% British wool, grown, spun and dyed in Britain, in a range of 28 colours carefully chosen to emulate the shades found in the original vintage pieces.

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Created and published by our in-house team
Photography by Susan Crawford
Published by Susan Crawford Vintage
This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service. Reg No: 284732506

The Vintage Shetland Project Pattern Book is the perfect stand-alone ebook for those knitters who would like the pattern instructions and full colour charts in digital format and is a perfect addition to the printed book. It also features photography by Susan taken on the island of Vaila, situated off the west coast of Shetland, and celebrating the untameable beauty of Shetland itself. Compiled with Susan's trademark attention to detail, this book is a fabulous treasury of Shetland knitting design. It offers you the chance to delve into a fascinating era for knitwear design and to bring it to life in stitch-perfect vintage style.

Please note, in the printed version of the book these patterns are accompanied by carefully researched essays exploring the stories behind each piece and honouring their creators; please note these essays are not included in this e-book.

To find out more about The Vintage Shetland Project printed book that also contains the accompanying essays click the image, or the button.

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