Constant Companion Yarn Kit

The sought-after Constant Companion kit is now back in stock, using my stunning Excelana DK yarn, a beautiful blend of Exmoor Mule and Bluefaced Leicester yarns.


Constant Companion kits are available in a choice of two beautiful colourways. Each kit contains your main colour in luscious 100g skeins, with the three contrasting colours in 25g mini-skeins ensuring you're not left with lots of wool left over, and providing a real saving. This first batch of kits sold out in a heartbeat but see below for new availability.

To order your kit first choose from one of the two stunning colourways:Colourway One as worn by Susan, uses Pomegranate as the main colour, a soft, yet warm red. It is complemented by three contrasting shades; Olea, a rich olive green; Tansy, a golden-mustard, and Snowdrop, the natural undyed wool.

Colourway Two worn by Charlie, uses Olea as the main colour, allowing this vibrant, olive shade to sing. This in turn is complemented by three contrasting shades; Tansy and Snowdrop appear again and this time they are accompanied by the jewel-like tones of Heliotrope, an intense purple shade.

Once you have chosen your colourway, you simply need to choose which size kit you require. There are four kit sizes, each providing enough yarn to knit a range of sizes (for full sizing information see the pattern page):

Kit Size One: Provides enough yarn to knit either 1st, 2nd or 3rd sizes (to fit 71-97cm (28-38in) chest).

Kit Size Two: Provides enough yarn to knit either 4th or 5th sizes (to fit 102-117cm (40-46in) chest).

Kit Size Three: Provides enough yarn to knit either 6th or 7th sizes (to fit 122-137cm (48-54in) chest).

Kit Size Four: Provides enough yarn to knit the 8th & 9th sizes (to fit 142-157cm (56-62in) chest).

Please note this kit does NOT include the pattern PDF. Please go to the Constant Companion pattern page to purchase your pattern

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