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Welcome to The Blooming Lovely Club 2019

The Blooming Lovely Club is a yarn and pattern club with a difference. It is split into three parts: the first instalment launches in spring, the second mid-summer and the third late-autumn. What makes the Blooming Lovely Club particularly special is that each instalment is inspired by the related issue of Bloom, a new journal dedicated to gardening, nature and inspiration. Bloom brings together and taps into core passions… gardening, an understanding of nature, the environment and our place in it, all in a beautifully presented, illustrated and photographed journal, published 3 times a year. Find out more about Bloom here. With each instalment of your club membership you will also receive the current issue of Bloom (commencing with issue two).


In this unique collaboration, I will explore the seasonal colours and themes revealed in each issue of Bloom, to create a stunning design, exclusive to the club for 6 months. Club members will receive the yarn to knit the design, a PDF download of the pattern, and a copy of the current issue of Bloom, plus special surprise gifts chosen by me. Your club packages will be sent beautifully wrapped, perfect as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a friend. With your last package you will also receive a beautifully printed book containing all three patterns and essays plus additional content. The yarns (approximately 200g of yarn in each instalment) will all be provided from my own ranges, and will include some of my limited-edition luxury yarns, such as Lomaria, a sumptuous blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere, which is my chosen yarn for the first project in the club.

Since moving to our farm, nature and the landscape has inspired my design aesthetic more than ever before, and alongside Bloom I am using the inspiration of this wondrous place to create three stunning designs for the club. Each design will hopefully provide the knitter with something a little different and the possibility of a new technique to learn. My first design is inspired by ferns and bracken which grow in every hedgerow and every copse around the farm. Instructions are included in the pattern for an unusual and fun approach to adding colour to your project. Your accompanying Bloom magazine includes a fascinating piece all about these ancient plants and my essay looks back to the Victorian era and “Fern Fever”.

I live in rural Lancashire, northern England, on the edge of a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in a previously long-neglected hill farm, the farmhouse set deep into the clay bed of the hillside and surrounded by raw, stunning scenery on all sides. Across the Lune valley rises Clougha Pike, its heather-covered inclines glowing purple in the afternoon sun. Above, an endless sky, one day a startling, intense blue; the next a heavy grey carpet pressing down on the landscape below. The winds travel up-river straight from the sea, arriving at the farm almost unchecked in their ferocity, leaving mayhem behind them. The weather experienced here seems more extreme, more real; in turn, we feel more alive.


Here, on this exposed sandstone hillside, we have made our home and it is here where I tend my garden, plant trees, shrubs and flowers, grow my vegetables, bring the old orchard back to life, harvest the summer and autumn fruits and forage for edible weeds and mushrooms. When we first arrived at the farm, we uncovered a disused and overgrown poly tunnel. Brambles and thistle had made it their home. I felt like a fairytale character, cutting my way through the thorns and bristles, just to gain entry! Now the transformation is complete and the poly tunnel bursts with food almost continually.

I would like to share a growing year at Monkley Ghyll with you, and have created the Blooming Lovely Club to bring together my shared loves of knitting, growing and nature. I want to show you how the latter two have informed and changed how I design, how I look at colour, how I use the inspiration all around me and make something beautiful in response.

Bloom taps into this vein of inspiration. Each photograph or illustration within its pages inspires creativity with colour, with form and with texture. Each issue celebrates a different time of year, and the changes seen in our natural world as the seasons change. It is through this lens that I will be drawing on Bloom to provide a unique inspiration (that I can’t wait to share with you!) in three stunning designs created especially for club members, which reflect the beauty found both in Bloom and here at the farm.

I hope you will come with me on this creative journey over the course of this growing year.



The latest issue of Bloom (cover price £8)

An exclusive pattern* designed by Susan Crawford, inspired by the artwork and photography of Bloom. Each design will be a substantial accessory - a stole, a   shawl or similar - perfect for the season and reflecting Susan's well-loved style.

A 200g (approx) yarn kit to knit the pattern. Yarns will be chosen from Susan’s popular yarn ranges and from new yarns yet to be released.

Special surprise gifts themed to each instalment.

An exclusive essay written by Susan.

Plus – a discount on other purchases made through the Susan Crawford Vintage website for the duration of the club.

Each kit will be beautifully packaged on a botanical theme.


Most exciting of all, In your third and final instalment you will also receive a beautifully printed book including all three patterns and accompanying essays plus bonus content and imagery.


In addition, you will receive regular newsletters and video messages from me, providing an insight to life on the farm through the seasons. You will be able to share in the natural rhythms of our growing seasons here at Monkley Ghyll and also share in the woolly aspects of our rural life and the care of our precious flock of sheep – from lambing through to shearing and wool sorting and yarn development.

Blooming Lovely Club Schedule


Instalment One

26th April 2019: Bloom issue 2 (and issue 1 for first 30 subscribers), yarn kit plus specially selected gifts dispatched.

Wk beg 28th April 2019: Essay and first design published exclusively for club members as a PDF.


Instalment Two

15th July 2019: Bloom issue 3, yarn kit plus specially selected gifts dispatched to USA/Canada & Rest of the world

.22nd July 2019: Bloom issue 3, yarn kit plus specially selected gifts dispatched to UK and Europe.

23rd July 2019: Essay and second design published exclusively for club members as a PDF.


Instalment Three

30th September 2019: Bloom issue 4, yarn kit, hard copy book including all three patterns and essays, plus plus specially selected gifts dispatched to USA/Canada & Rest of the world.

7th October 2019: Bloom issue 4, yarn kit, hard copy book including all three patterns and essays, plus specially selected gifts dispatched to UK and Europe.

8th October 2019: Essay and third design published exclusively for club members as a PDF.


Your PDF patterns will be available to download from your account on and can also be added to your Ravelry library using the code provided with your PDF pattern.

The Technical Stuff


* The club patterns will be exclusive to club members for 6 months after their initial release as part of the club.


Places in the club will be limited to 100 and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The first 30 people to sign up will also receive a complimentary copy of the sold-out Bloom issue 1, which will be sent with the first club instalment.



The costs are transparent and simple. The subscription to the Blooming Lovely Club for the year (three instalments) including your printed book costs £195 plus a one-time only carriage payment covering postage throughout the world using Royal Mail (Two instalments posted free of charge). Payment is required in full at the commencement of the club and is non-refundable once the first package has been dispatched.



Terms and Conditions

Payment is non-refundable once the first package has been dispatched.

Yarn types, weights and colours are chosen specifically by Susan Crawford for each instalment. No substitution, exchange or refund is available.

You will receive approximately 200g of yarn in each instalment.

It is your responsibility to notify us of any change of address at least 14 days prior to the scheduled shipment dates.