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Lifted Increases

This is the commonly used method of working lifted increases.

Note: charts in our patterns show each lifted increase in a separate square to the stitch it is worked before or after, allowing the lifted increase and the stitch to be worked in different colours.

Lifted Increase After: lia

1. Knit the stitch you wish to increase after. Then, insert the passive needle from behind into the stitch two rows below the stitch on the working needle, and lift it.


2. Knit the lifted stitch through the first presenting leg (closest to the working needle) to ensure it remains untwisted.


Lifted Increase Before: lib

1. Work up to the stitch you wish to increase before.

2. Insert your working needle from behind into the stitch below and lift it.


3. Slip the lifted stitch purlwise onto the passive needle.


4. Knit the lifted stitch.

5. Finally, knit the stitch after the increase.

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