Byre - Room Of My Own

Fingering weight – 100% Pure British wool
A Room Of My Own Hand-dyed Collection from Susan Crawford

  • About Byre
    This artisanal yarn has been blended and spun exclusively for Susan Crawford at a local mill, using a unique blend of Jacobs and white and black Shetland fleeces, to create a delightfully lofty, soft, grey yarn displaying the distinctive characteristics of these wonderful sheep breeds. The yarn has been worsted spun for added smoothness, softness and longevity but retains a wonderful plumpness making the yarn warm and cocooning. Byre creates fabric with a beautiful texture, equally good in plain stitch patterns as well as textural patterns, cables and lace.

    Our goal is to showcase the native sheep breeds living on the moors, fells and hills of Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire, sourcing fibre from local farmers, as well as utilizing the fleeces from the sheep living at Monkley Ghyll Farm itself. Byre follows in the footsteps of Barn, as the next in a range of yarns blended and spun to our specifications, creating the perfect hand knitting yarn from the very best wool. A new generation of knitters and crocheters can enjoy these wools from the heart of the British countryside.

  • 100% British wool – a unique blend of Jacob white Shetland and black Shetland fleeces

    Fingering weight
    400 metres / 436 yards per 100g skein (approx)

    Recommended gauge 28–32 sts to 10cm (4in) using 3–3.5mm needles.

    Hand wash only

    Worsted spun in Yorkshire

    Grown, sheared and spun in Britain

About Room Of My Own

Room Of My Own is the colour of our little dye studio, built from wood painted the same rich red as this luscious shade. The studio is the home of A Room Of My Own hand dyed yarns and where all our yarn is dyed. Room Of My Own is also inspired by the pantone shade used for Susan Crawford Vintage for many years and recreates it in this yarn.

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