Miller Yarn Kit


by Susan Crawford
24 Modern Knits Inspired by Iconic Women
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MILLER YARN KITS USING OUR BEAUTIFUL HAND-DYED WOLD SPORT OR EXCELANA FINGERING WEIGHT, 100% BRITISH WOOL ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER. Please note, this kit does not include the Miller pattern. The pattern is only available by purchasing my new book, Echoes, which you can do by clicking on the link above.

Miller is inspired by the photographer Lee Miller, who paved the way for other women photographers to follow her into a male dominated field and used photography to record human experience – both good and bad. Her work can be challenging because of the subject matter but also because of how she was able to capture the raw emotion in any given moment. Miller used light and shadow to create dramatic black and white images. It is this use of dark and light that I have attempted to emulate in the Miller beanie, using the deepest tones of colourways through to the palest, set against a white – or in this case, cream – background to create strong contrast between light and dark. I will never take a photograph to rival one of Miller’s, but can always seek to learn from her and hope that she would appreciate my attempts to do so in the hat dedicated to her.

Miller is a slouchy beanie with an eye-catching colourwork pattern. It can be knitted with either a single thickness brim or a deep, double-layered brim for added warmth. The pattern can also be used for either fingering or sport weight yarns making it a very versatile pattern. It is knitted from the brim upwards to the crown and is worked in the round.

Miller is knitted using Susan Crawford Wold Sport a sport weight, worsted spun yarn that creates a robust, warm fabric, or Susan Crawford Excelana North, with a soft drapey handle. Both yarns are 100% British wool spun for us at a local mill and hand-dyed in-house.

You can now purchase our hand-dyed yarn kit to create your own stunning Miller.

Choose whether you would prefer the SpOrt or Fingering weight option and which colourway you wish to order. If you wish to create your own custom colourway just let us know which colours you would prefer from our Wold Sport or Excelana North fingering weight ranges. Each kit contains 6 50g skeins of yarn, enough to knit either the single or double brimmed version of Miller

Miller kits are available in a choice of three colourways and two weights:

Colourway One uses Wold Sport and shades:
Summer Nights.
Lime Mortar.

Colourway Two uses Excelana North and shades:
Land Army Green.
Herb Garden.
Sweet Chestnut.

Colourway Three uses Excelana North and shades:
Damson Wine.
Sweet Chestnut.

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